Days 6 and 7

The weekend started out well. Saturday I went to the farmers market and got this week’s supply of fruits and veggies. Then I grabbed a bunch of that fruit and went to work to do 4 hours of overtime. I had Chipotle for lunch, no dairy or even avocado and I put it on a couple cups of spring mix. I got the mild salsa, like a always do, but it burned my mouth like crazy. I don’t know if the hot stuff dripped in the mild and I got a big scoop of heat or if I’m just more sensitive as I age. But it hurt.

Then that evening I went to a friend’s Pampered Chef party. Still, I did good not indulging in the appetizers set out. The lady selling the kitchen gadgets made an Indian dish, dahl. It smelled amazing. I had some over rice when it was finished thinking it was vegan because I thought my friend’s wife was also vegan.

Nope. She’s vegetarian. I should’ve asked more questions about what was in it. I saw them chopping a bunch of vegetables. I didn’t watch them put everything in the pot. I did’t ask what the white stuff was. Turns out it was yogurt.

So what did I do after realizing I just blew my diet? I fell off the wagon. More like jumped head first into chocolate chip cookies and cheese soup the next day at Panera. I even indulged in some icecream. Very tiny drumsticks, but still. I rationalized that I need a cheat day once a week to motivate me to stay on track during the week.

Let’s hope it works.


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