Day 5

Today started out well. I had fruit for breakfast and veggies and homemade hummus with no oil for a snack and veggie soup for dinner. I was around the 12% fat mark. And then I saw my nemesis: cupcakes.

At work, this week was customer service appreciation week and today the company treated everyone to cupcakes. I took one with the intent to give to one of my kids. Toward the end of the day, there were so many left over, I grabbed a second one so each kid could have one. Aren’t I such a nice mom?

But my ex had already picked the kids up for the weekend before I got home. I should’ve just thrown them away but I hate to waste food so I ate them. Then, since I figured I already blew it, I had the broccoli cheddar soup for dinner when I met my writing friend at Panera. I convinced myself that this week was a practice week.

I’ve had so many practice weeks.

My blood sugar reading this morning was better after the insulin I took before bed last night at 222. My last reading tonight after my awful day was 359. I’ll take more insulin tonight and start over tomorrow. Hopefully for the last time.


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