Day 4

Today wasn’t too bad, food wise. My blood sugars still haven’t dropped below 330. For breakfast I had 3 bananas and 2 apples. I thought my sugars would be in the 400s but they were only in the high 300s. I had a small headache today, which I haven’t had since before I started my high blood pressure medicine, which I did take today. I got my bp checked last week and it’s in the normal range. My feet also hurt a lot today. It’s like pins and needles jabbing my feet. So I decided to take some insulin tonight before bed to hopefully bring my numbers down. I usually take 45 units of the slow acting stuff.

At work, all the customer service employees were treated to a free lunch. I, of course, requested the vegan option of jackfruit tacos. My plate also come with rice, coleslaw, macaroni salad and a roll. We were also given a croissant type pastry which I wasn’t going to eat but then succumbed to after dinner. But even after eating that, my percentage of fat in my total daily count was only 20%.

I did some prep tonight, making my own hummus and tortilla chips and chopped up some watermelon for tomorrow. Not eating so much oil makes me hungrier so I need to get used to bringing more food to work to snack on. EVERYTHING has oil and fat in it. It’s very difficult to find a snack in the breakroom that is low fat.

My morning blood sugar was 332. My after dinner was 376.


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