Day 3

So today wasn’t my best. I was totally unprepared. I forgot to go to the store yesterday and get my cereal so I ended up eating what was supposed to be my lunch for breakfast, carrots and cucumbers with my hummus. But that didn’t fill me up so I bought a bag of tortilla chips and some salsa to snack on at work. For lunch I picked up a veggie sandwich with no mayo but it did have avocado and they were out of wheat bread so I got the Dutch Crunch bread which tore up the roof of my mouth. But it was delicious.

When I entered all that into cronometer, I was already at 25% fat. Feeling defeated, I wasn’t as strict at dinner. We had barbecued jackfruit with coleslaw on whole wheat buns and tator tots. I’ll do better tomorrow.

My total calories from fat came to 30% of my overall calories. Ugh.

My morning blood sugar was 336. After breakfast it was 371, and that was just carrots, cucumber and no oil hummus. After my lunch it was 437. And then after dinner it was 379.

I didn’t work out today because my sister is out of town and I my time has been used up feeding her dogs and cats. I already have a veggie stew in the crock-pot for tomorrow so maybe I’ll have more time to go for a walk after dinner.

Oh, and I realized today that I had already bought a no fat salad dressing last month and totally forgot about it. :/

I’ll be a pro at this WFPB way of life by the end of the month. And hopefully have some good blood sugar readings to go with it.


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