Day one

I did pretty good today. I tracked what I ate on Cronometer, a free website to track your meals and it will give you a breakdown on all sorts of things like fat intake, protein, carbs, vitamins, minerals, and calories. I kept my fat intake to 17%, protein, 13% and carbs at 70%. I need to find a good no oil added salad dressing. I love the Follow Your Heart vegan ranch but it has oil in it. 😦

This morning my blood sugars were at 380, which isn’t surprising considering the sugar and dairy binder I had this weekend. They stayed high all day. After my dinner of salad and pumpkin alfredo linguine my blood sugar was 411 two hours after eating so my daughter and I went for a walk and brought it back down to 370.

I’m not going to give myself any insulin at bedtime so I can see if what I eat, or not eat, really does have an effect on my glucose numbers. I think I need to keep an Excel spreadsheet with my numbers. I’ll work on that.

If you know of a good, no oil or sugar added salad dressing, let me know.


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